Alex Trochut: Typodesignistrator

Semi-Permanent wrapped in Sydney this past weekend, and once again I missed it. Sometimes it sucks being on the other side of the planet from Australia. Actually, most of the time it sucks being on the other side of the planet from Australia.

One of the presenters stands out as an amazing practitioner of what might be called typodesignistration. The work of Alex Trochut is a mesmerizing blend of hand-wrought typography, solid graphic design and insanely detailed illustration. You may also recall that he helped out with Dvein’s TOCA ME titles by designing monograms for each speaker.

Thanks to Lilian Darmono for the tip! You can read her impressions of Semi-Permanent here.

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It wasn’t mentioned in the original post,

nor in Alex’s presentation at Semi-P, but I guess he kick-started the type illustration approach for that job. Which then brought into motion so lovingly and beautifully by Not To Scale, of course:)


really original works with typo !! THAT´s FRESH!!


The dude lives right off the Rambla in Barcelona. I want his life. :D

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