Three Legged Legs and Chromeo: “Piece of Me, Piece of You”

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The latest in the long line of Zune Arts films is a zombie puppet number from Three Legged Legs, set to Chromeo’s “Fancy Footwork.” It’s a twisted take on the Zune Arts theme of sharing, and marks Three Legged Legs foray into live-action puppetry directing.

Andrew Hem and Adam Parker Smith did a great job creating zombified versions of their distinctively designed characters. It seems like they, along with everyone else on the project, had a ton of fun smashing up childhood memories of The Muppets and MJ’s “Thriller” video. (Then again, I don’t think TLL were even alive for either of those cultural events… but I digress.)

As always, agency 72andSunny (okay, okay AND Microsoft) deserve props for keeping things fresh and giving artists the freedom to make weird, fun stuff like this.

Here’s an entertaining making-of video that we posted as a Quickie a while back. You can also get a ton more inside info and download a huge HD version of the video on the TLL site.

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wanna make somethin sweet… throw zombies in… that’s all i’m sayin…

hahaha g’work 3LL


Is the thriller dance in the public domain?


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