Oktobor’s Jonny Kofoed

I saw this cheery Tip Top advert over at Feed, but I wanted to enjoy it at a larger resolution. So I dug a little deeper and contacted the nice folks at New Zealand-based Oktobor about it.

In turn, they shared a treasure trove of work from Jonny Kofoed, the designer/director of the Tip Top spot. His work ranges from lighthearted and childlike to lyrical and epic. Check out his reel for a deep dish serving of his directorial delicacies.

In Jonny’s spots for the Tate Modern and VW, you can see his predilection for concept. His primary goal is to say something clever with just the right degree of visual emphasis, rather than try to take a mediocre idea and dress it up in the latest trends.


Jonny Kofoed’s Montage

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Okay, I’m going to leave one of those short m-ographer comments, because it just has to be said. This is freakin’ awesome! So simple, so good humored, a lot of little jokes, looks great. It makes my day.


The first thing I saw (made my eyes pop out) : Oktobor’s been purchased by OMNILAB. OMG..them toooooo?
Anywhow. Awesome spot..makes me hungry. Fav bit is the ‘FAMILY’….

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