SpecialGuest & 1st Ave Machine: New Work

Special Guest Returns for AutoTrader

As a follow-up to their previous AutoTrader UK spot, SpecialGuest has created another CG spot full of the same cheery charm.

Like the first AutoTrader spot, “More Cars” uses vehicle components to create an environment full of clever details. This undersea rendition reminds me of Buf’s ethereal “Aqualtis” advert suffused with a childlike gleefulness. (I love the carfish leaping over the end tag. Nice touch.)

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1st Ave Machine Updates

SpecialGuest’s big brother company, 1st Ave Machine, has also updated its site with more of their trademark hyper-real organic imagery. Their new AT&T and Saturn projects are not to be missed (although I think I’ll have at least one or two nightmares inspired by the latter).

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Really love these two companies styles.
Especially 1st Ave’s MTV Japan spot. I had yet to see that one, and it is quite fun.

Simon Robson

AT&T spot is fantastic: masters at work

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