Double Your Pleasure


There’s a lot of nice, clean and functional motion work by London-based Double G Studios for BBC One, Chanel 4 and Audi Channel. These spots for More4 are fantastic, and continue the elegant branding of the channel done by Spin. Double G Studios is also quite versatile, incorporating both live-action direction and live-action / mixed design work as seen in the Stephen Hawking promo on their site. Nice!



yes… i like, i like.


good concept + reduced colour pallet x design fundamentals / motion = Awesomeness!

Simon Robson

The best channel branding reel I’ve seen for a long long time. There’s something very definitely British about the efficient, design-lead motion free from glitz and whizz-bang. Solid graphic design under pins everything here. They even made Big Brother look good, which is no mean feat. Congrats


I love their work, and had admired much of it before knowing they had made it. The Stephen Hawking is so good, it works just as well purely as an audio track.

I concur with all Simon’s comments.

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