Passion Pictures: Oxfam “Roar”

As I watched this new Oxfam spot from Passion Pictures directed by SSSR, I was reminded of a recent post I made concerning dynamic typography and children’s education. I thought I was in for a similar ride.

Everything was rolling along smoothly—maybe even predictably—when all of the sudden the spot’s sweet little grandmother protagonist belches magical particles all over the place. She’s then joined by a belching soccer mom, producing a cacophony of rainbows and stars before the camera whisks us away to the relative safety of outer space.

I had two reactions, more or less simultaneously: 1. “WTF?” and 2. “I want to watch it again.”

I have a strong feeling this spot will split the readers. Some people will say it doesn’t seem on message, that the concept is too far-fetched. (Maybe they’re right.) Others, like me, will find themselves thinking about the spot as they ride the subway. And then again in the elevator. And maybe once more while checking the mail. It’s just one of those commercials that sticks with me, and I think that “under my skin” effect was consciously engineered.

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i love the way the “l” in “flood” walks

Marc B.

This is cool. But i’d rather see it in the style of their subtle swanmeat video.


i definitely share a wtf feeling…

but another part of me thought… if only every time I belched a problem was solved… i’d be down for buyin mass soda.


Well…it is colorful.


It seemed pretty obvious to me. The stimulus of the big world…ie bad news and whatnot…are like bugs that crawl on you, but you can use your voice, and your voice is magically powerful, even if you are an old lady.

Paul Ducco

hahaha. awesome.

i think.


That whole oddity of that lady makes it charming… don’t think the colours at the end are fancy though.

Stuart L

Definite wtf, not sure about the music used.

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