DOGDAY – Daniel Bruson Moretti

A funny thought struck me the other day whilst I was strolling through the extensive grounds of Motionographer Heights, I don’t think I’ve seen any bad work come out of Brazil. Now I’m sure there is some bad work, but everything that comes my way seems to be great. I have a theory that Sao Paulo is to design and animation what Nashville is to Guitar…

The latest case to back-up my theory is DOGDAY the portfolio site of Brazilian freelance designer, Daniel Bruson Moretti. Daniel’s site intersperses his motion work with illustration projects. His illustration work is simply put, brilliant. He seems to be able to pull-off a whole mixture of approaches and make them his own. I particularly like the way he mixes hand rendered type into his work. And I really like the way the techniques he uses in his motion projects all seem to push towards bringing his design aesthetic to life, as opposed to using techniques just for the sake of it.

Look beyond the reel and check out individual projects like ‘Dinamo Draft’ which reminds me of the sublime ‘forgetfulness’ by Julien Grey.

UPDATE: Mirror of Dogday site

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niiiiiiiiiiice stuff. congrats.


Would like to see, seems all the recent attention has caused some problems with the site.


no band width? That sucks:(


so sad, no flow.


hello everyone, sorry for the inconvenience. Soon the band width problem will be fixed, but for now the site can be visited here.

Thanks for all.


Thanks Dogday, great work… especially like the piece for Nickelodeon.

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