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In the comments for our recent Sna Fu “Dorian” post, one of its creators left a link to a previous project, a CG short film created while in school. “Zoudov” is a cold-war espionage thriller crafted in an early 1960s aesthetic reminiscent of The Incredibles.

The cinematography and lighting are spot on, channeling film noir and James Bond in equal parts. The character animation is subtle and expressive, and the narrative pacing builds steadily towards the climax.

All three creators—Laurent Gillot, Aurélia Verhnes and Clement Bolla—completed this in just over a year while studying at the mighty Supinfocom. Laurent and Aurélia now work together at an advertising agency, while Clement is preparing a new short created with another friend.

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Fantastic work on both pieces!
Supinfocom means this piece was done in Max perhaps?
Not that it matters, just curious…


there are mistakes in russian speech
sounds ridiculous))


Animation is fantastic. Great sense of lighting and style. Good solid story line. However, I must agree with the comment before. There are ridiculous mistakes in the Russian language. That made me(I’am Russian) lose focus.
I think in situations like this, a good solution would be to make up a fictitious language or find a Russian friend to help you do the research. there are plenty of us out there… and we are watching you ;)

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