Prologue/Danny Yount: Iron Man Credits

Prologue’s Danny Yount channeled lo-fi 3D schematics and the guitar rock of Black Sabbath for a rollicking Iron Man end credit sequence that is easily on par with the rest of Danny and Prologue’s incredible body of work.

The jittery visuals are countered by rock solid camera moves that keep the pace up, despite the 1:27 running time. I also love the graphical detritus that floats in the background and bridges many of the scenes. It creates the subtle sense of malfunction, of plans unraveling, of the shit generally hitting the fan.

I haven’t been that excited about Iron Man until now. I’ll pay just to see this sequence on the big screen.

Title designer: Danny Yount
Design & Animation: Ilya Abulhanov, Danny Yount, Alex Hanson, DongHo Lee, Dave Rindner
Compositing & Finishing: Anthony Mabin
Head of Post Production : Seth Kleinberg
Executive Producer : Kyle Cooper
Producers : Ellen Stafford, Seth Kleinberg

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I *loved* this piece. A great way to end a great movie. It also gave me an overwhelming urge to play the original Star Wars arcade game.



NICE! I also love how the style is hinted at throughout the film in the interface design of Stark’s lab. These end titles were a complete payoff in that respect, aside from continuing the celebration from the film’s finale. Must have been a blast animating to Black Sabbath…


Great work. I enjoyed watching it in the theater. It had to be good to follow the movie, which is worth getting excited about Justin.


Beautifully designed and animated, and i like early sabbath, however I would have ran from the idea of using them together. It would have been creative to make something unexpected work, its not creative to do something as obvious as use a well known song called iron man for a movie with the same name.


F…n eh!!! Awesome! Sorry fashionbuddha but i disagree, Iron Man is an awesome song and it fits perfectly with the whole outline/blueprint jittery visuals.
And Black Sabath still rocks!!!


yea – I tried to use “Hung Out To Dry” by FuManchu but they were contractually obligated to go with Ironman. But I like that they wanted the end of the song where it pick’s up the pace.


Love the color combos. Danny if you don’t mind me asking what application/renderer did the initial outlines come from?


do you guys still working 15 hours/ day?


“what application/renderer did the initial outlines come from?”

– Maya / mentalRay (contour rendering)

“do you guys still working 15 hours/ day?”

– Only when it’s necessary, and it’s worth every second.


Totally Hoss!
The sequence has been known to make people punch babies in the face!


rad job guys, i havnt seen the movie so im curious to see how these titles tie into the aesthetic. but without a doubt you guys have done it again.


Iron man is really a good movie. The VFX in totality and the witty humor are just some aspect which makes the movie really worth watching… Downy really played Tony Starks really well… I enjoyed the entire film beginning in the title sequence up to the end of the credits… ;)


great work all. strange that the end titles were credited to “scarlet letters” in the credit roll…


LOVE that very very very end bit! Nice title sequence.


My friend called me up for the first time in 2 months out of the blue to tell me to go see this film. I guess I will now after that phone call and seeing these titles.


I continue to meet people of distinctly different backgrounds who are hooked on Danny Yount’s work. One person confided that she gets her “fix” on the “Six Feet Under” title in an effort to battle mild depression. For me, I’m now hooked on Black Sabbath. Danny! You are a gem!


So well done. Any way to get a version of this “sans” credits?
I’d love to use this as a Vista backround.
Very Tight work, Danny. You and the rest of the crew.

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