Flight404: Radiohead Video Contest Submission

A while back we posted a Quickie about Aniboom and Radiohead hosting a video contest to promote the band’s latest album, “In Rainbows”.

The contest is now in the semi-finals, and although Flight404 (aka Robert Hodgin) didn’t make the cut, his submission for the song “Weird Fishes: Arpeggi” is one of breathtaking beauty.

The abstract underwater aesthetic flows perfectly with the song, creating a sort of subconscious storyline, hypnotizing the viewer with stunning radiating spheres (one of his trademarks), mind boggling particles, surreal tentacles, and a school of… weird fish, all perfectly linked to the audio.
The piece was created—like most of Robert’s work—with Processing (the open source programming language), this time without any post or editing work.

Robert initially did not want to submit the piece. According to his blog: “My piece just doesn’t feel Radioheadish,” but he changed his mind after receiving lots of comments asking to submit it. Hooray for democracy.

Make sure to visit Flight404/Robert Hodgin’s blog to read more about his submission and other Processing experiments. There’s some really great stuff there.

On a side note, Robert is also a part of Matt Pyke’s “Advanced Beauty” project, which premiers this Friday, May 9th at Lovebytes 2008.

Quicktime version (200mb)



Beautiful work.


yes. i want to see more of this stuff.
whats so cool about this, unless i’m mistaken, is that with the right rig, you could use the audio signal from the stage of a live radiohead performance to drive this, and it would produce a similar result in realtime…

real-time audio visualization is just a toddler right now. Processing appears to be the way to create it currently, but i don’t wanna learn it. Actionscript can do all of this given an audio file, but the MicInput class can’t parse live audio signals…yet. if CS4 doesn’t have that ability, i guess i’ll be learning Processing.

also, cheers to radiohead and nine inch nails for including their fans in the creative process.


hah, good news sort of, apparently there is an online movement to get adobe to upgrade the audio capabilities of flash, called: “Adobe, make some noise!”

the blog: https://www.make-some-noise.info/wishlist/


“Processing appears to be the way to create it currently, but i don’t wanna learn it.”

this is the feeling of every designer and animator we know.. processing is limited to people going the route of programmers > design… not the other way around :(


That kind of thinking will hold you back. I would say that processing isn’t limited to anyone or anything….

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