Charlie Company for truTV

Way back in the Tween days, I made a post celebrating Charlie Co’s work for Court TV. Since then, Court TV has reinvented itself as truTV, but they haven’t forgotten how good Charlie Co’s work is.

These recent IDs (posted about a month ago on the Charlie Co site) are full of the same playful typography and slick camera work as the original series, but they push the illustrative tip a little further. (Make sure to hit the drop-down menu to see all the spots.) The voice acting is a bit uneven, but not to the point of distraction. The real star here is Charlie Co.’s design work.

Thanks to Nizam Mohammed for the tip!

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Great work. Totally dig the R32 Skyline at the start. Hats off to another car loving mographer. =D


Reminds me ( a lot) of the old Alex Gopher video, “The Child”


Not being a hater (before anyone gets upset). Just definitely feeling more of the quickie stuff. Feel like this could be from onedotzero 2001. Accomplished but prefer something like Tronic as a feature…sorry just being honest.

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