Lovely Productions for Orba Squara

Orba Square Videoclip

Since I have moved to Ireland about 5 months ago, I’ve had the chance to meet incredible people here—friendly and talented folks. Lorcan and John were two of them, both involved in this project directed by Lorcan himself.

This very nice composition of cute graphics with simple movements proves the point that you don’t always need extreme explosions of 3D strokes or massive camera movements to get the message across. Check out the other works from the folks of Lovely Productions.

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That head freaked my out a bit, but I like drawn elements tracked in. The end wraps up nicely.

And Vogue Wilson is hot…


I really like the piece but unfortunately the audio pops and I’m confused with the decision to put the boat at the beginning. Its there at first and then when the camera moves to the left and then comes back its magically gone!?! Also it doesn’t fit the style of the rest of piece. (Its not stylized like the rest of the elements, nor does it blend with the live action). Would have been better off without it. The location is beautiful though and really makes this piece work. Nice!

ps. I feel really sorry for whoever had to do all the roto on those pine trees. yeeesh!


beautiful video! must have also been a bitch to motion track such a long shot… speaking of which… Can anyone recommend any decent inexpensive 3d motion tracking software… Its something i’ve been meaning to get into… thx..


PFTrack is by far the best there is! I’ve used boujou, synth eyes, and real”bad” matchmove pro and I hope I never have to go to a company where I’m told I have to use any of those programs.


I’d totally disagree a_lurv. Admittedly i’ve found that if you use the auto track approach on all shots then boujou will often come back with something more stable than syntheyes but if you learn the program enough to do manual tracking and how to filter the results of your track then it’ll solve shots that a lot of other trackers wont. It’s by far the fastest solver and auto tracker i’ve used too.


Hey a_lurv, thanks for feedback! I had got so used to the boat and house at the beginning of the video I hadn’t tried a version without them in ages.. We were adding bits and taking them away to get the balance of illustrated bits right with the pace of the song and buildup to the mostly illustrated end. The house and boat were originally only added to fit what I’d written in the treatment and keep client happy. I just replaced the video with a new version without the boat and house and I agree that it looks better without. Nice to start off with just the butterfly..


ps. yes the roto was a beeeeeatch and i’m sure joconnell would say the same about the motion tracking!


P.s. lorcan’s bandwidth has died so check on https://www


Very nice video. Nice song and very nice effects… The music video is like a breath of fresh air however I could not say the same thing for the people who rotoscoped and motion tracked this… This is one hefty roto work…

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