Fons Scheidon: Voicst “Feel Like a Rocket”

Fons Scheidon is one of those unique voices that comes jetting down from the mesosphere every so often with a project that could only come from his delightfully odd mind. For his latest gig, a music video for Voicst’s “Feel Like a Rocket,” Fons teamed up with some of the same crew that worked on the MTV Asia MobSquad series, including the bad-ass character animators at Brazilian studio Birdo.

At the risk of traipsing into pseudo-psychological territory, I think the reason Fons’ work speaks to me is because of the way it combines faded memories of Saturday morning cartoons with my current reality, one that is tinged with the grotesque and absurd commonalities of modern life. “Feel Like a Rocket,” for instance, has a Thundercats-ish retro warmth to it, but it’s about a dysfunctional band of intergalactic misfits getting together to rock the universe. It makes no sense. And yet it makes total sense.

Make sure to scroll down the project page for credits, boards and other goodies.

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Thanks for the bad-ass there, we have to say that pretty much everything about the animation was already so well planned in the animatic that things went smoothly in the production.

Also, the characters design worked wonders for the digital animation process using Flash, what allowed us to save a lot of time in the end. And oh, Thundercats are so cool :)


Ulysees! nice style


sweeeetttt…love the nifty diagram blocking out song parts and mapping it onto the corridor/room/scene of the spaceship….

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