Pistachios and Douglas Coupland on Hope

Blacklist’s Pistachios created the visuals for Douglas Coupland’s words in this unassuming little ditty on hope. The project was created at the request of Jesse Dylan, “Yes We Can” director, for Hope.Act.Change., a website promoting Barack Obama.

I watched this thing like four times in a row—not really because of the visuals, but because of the simple profundity of the message. It really is our conception of time and a belief in free will that gives birth to hope. That’s not a political message; it’s a poetic or philosophical one. It’s the kind of idea that will recur to me in various shades of meaning for months—maybe years—to come.

I post this knowing full well that there will be at least one “should have been a Quickie” comment (as though there is some limited space on the internet for full posts), but I wanted to shine the light a little brighter not just on this spot, but on the larger idea of creating bite-sized nuggets of motion that attempt to change the way we think. In the middle of a hectic afternoon, this project carved out a peaceful pause for me. I wanted to give it the chance to do the same for you.

Credits | Visit Hope.Act.Change.

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free will and a sense of time passing—-I have never really thought about those two together. Can this be interpreted as making a commitment to creating change, realising that time is precious–to a betterment of us all?

Marc B.

Change change all i hear is change. But what is that change? Not just another false promise?

Well i’m just looking forward to some smart ass comment by Simon Robson. Where is he?

Simon Robson

Sorry I’m late Mark, I can’t be everywhere at once…As for my comment: ‘It’s a very nice piece of work’. How’s that?


@ Marc B: ‘another false promise’ = if you’re referring to politicians in general, and Obama in particular, then there’s no way to tell, except to wait and see. But I think this piece is meant to evoke a sense of responsibility from the individual…and that’s the most important thing. False promise or not–that would then be completely in your hands…

We in Australia recently voted in a new Prime Minister—and a few positive changes have already taken place. One must have faith, no?

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