Run Wrake: The Control Master

Legendary out-there animator Run Wrake partnered up with Veer and CSA Images to create “The Control Master,” a hilarious pastiche of retro illustrations and comic book storylines. Like much of Run’s work, this project is full of unexpected visual combinations and a deadpan weirdness held together by a familiar but twisted narrative. I love it.

Run Wrake first came to my attention when we posted “Rabbit” some time ago. I then learned that he’s been at the game for a long time and is responsible for some of my favorite MTV IDs from days of yore. Run appropriates found imagery and collages it with his own custom visuals while endlessly mixing animation techniques. He is a post-modern animator par excellence, but without all the stuffiness associated with that tag.

Big thanks to Mark Webster for the tip!

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i can’t believe that no comments have been left for this…

run wrake’s work is truly inspiring stuff.

no shiny shiny shit here.

dig the Kabooms


Yeah, I’m kinda surprised there aren’t more comments for this one, too. I really dig Run Wrake, and this one is easily up there with “Rabbit” for me.

Solid storytelling + whacked out humor – unnecessary visual bling = good shit.

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