MUTO: A Stop-Action Wall Painting by BLU

Even though we posted BLU’s amazing stop-action wall-painting as a Quickie on Monday, we’ve received tons of “check this out” emails since then. So I’ve decided to re-post the project as a full writeup, which will hopefully give it the visibility and attention it deserves.

We asked BLU to tell us a little about the project, and he shared this with us:

Everything is handmade by myself alone with a simple digital camera. All the drawings are basically improvised on the wall. I did it in Buenos Aires because it is one of the few cities where you can still paint public walls easily.

I had no idea Buenos Aires was graffiti heaven, but let’s thank them for it. If this project was five or six seconds long, it’d be pretty damn amazing. The fact that BLU sustains his level of extemporaneous ass-kicking for nearly seven minutes… well, that’s epic. Legendary even.

If you’re new to BLU, give yourself some time to wander through his site. He’s a rare talent. Lorenzo Fonda and BLU toured the Americas for a forthcoming documentary-cum-art project called Megunica, which should be pretty interesting.

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This is a truly stunning piece! Did he give any detail as to how long the whole animation took?


that piece is remarkable. i’m really curious about the process, the lines stay so consistent from frame to frame.

Design Killer



It is lovely, intelligent narrative.
A broadening of the canvases.


nice work

el johnny

This piece shows a lot of work on it and, by the looks of it, focused still relaxed mind/s behind its realization.


ps: de nada bolooo ;)


OMG, the amount of work that went into that. On the site he says he did it in a winter. So that’s 3 months. Amazing, truly one of the most awesome things I saw in a long, long time.



I haven’t seen such a great work for a lil while. Now thats an AMAZING work.



Amazing.. I could just imagine the work put into this… :D Kudos to Blu… Such such an amazing piece…


really, really a piece of art. awesome. real good use of the environment as well.


so… which company is gonna steal this idea first….
sony ?


Wow. Great work! Very inspiring. Must of used a lot of white paint.

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