Birdo: Resfest 10

Brazilian animation studio Birdo put their prodigious talents to use in this quirky opener for the Brazil installment of Resfest 10.

Says Paulo Muppet of Birdo:

We created the animation over a concept designed by Rafael Grampá for the festival’s poster, which suggested some kind of bird character carrying an onion like vegetable. All the animation was done using Flash and the compositing in After Effects. Paulo Beto then created a great mood with the audio to match the strangeness of the fruit-bird-character.

You may recall that Birdo also worked on Fons Sheidon’s recently posted Voicst music video.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.


Marc B.

This is so nice. But i do wish they didn’t use those drop shadows.


wait, theres still a resfest? i thought they changed their model and were called dfilm, or something…

either way, the animation is really smooth, but yea i agree with Marc that the drop shadows are a bit much… they couldve been soften or whatnot, there are bits where you can see the depth of the trees is different, yet the opacity of the shadow is the same and it throws it off.


I loved the drop shadow. Is different and is not obvious. It’s strange and nonsense. This is a really cool mix of motion design and cartoon! Congratulations!


not obvious? it was clearly obvious enough for you to love it.


i agree with chris. this is a very different spot and the drop shadow fits with the idea. the studios of motion graphics are doing the same thing for years and this spot is an example that you take this art form to a new place. i can imagine an animation series with this look.

ivan brandon

the character birdo lives on my desk, he and a bottle of cuban rum are the only things that live there that isn’t part of my computer or mail from the IRS.


I don’t wanna be an ass, but you misspelled Fons Schiedon’s last name.


yeah what the go with resfest?

even the website doesn’t have content since 2006/7


Jonathan Wells (RES) wrote a while back to say he is still actively doing screenings and promoting interesting video work through his new venture called flux.

Rafael’s site is full of amazing illustrations. Fantastic work.


F u Res for taking the subscription money I sent u for your magazine and disappearing without giving your customers an apology or any notification other than this:

“We plan to launch a new hybrid RES publication in 2007, one that will transform this site into a dynamic, daily online destination, while fully integrating all of our content across the multiple platforms of print, Web, DVD and events.”

Well that was an empty promise. Any inquires I sent to their email address were never answered. I certainly hope the IRS is after you guys.


since late 2006 Resfest Brasil became independent from the original festival then based in NYC. The forthcoming Brazilian festival will happen soon, still under the name Resfest.


cute birdie!


I agree w/ ResRobbedMeBlind. I’m surprised there has not been some class action lawsuit.


very nice and smooth. I like the dropshadows. they seemed right for the design.

Is the animation a subtle wink at the cyclical nature of mograph design trends?


Oh, yeah, Monovich… I think it is! This look is really fresh!


Cute birdie… I like the colors and the light feel of the animation… Good job!

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