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It’s been a while since we’ve posted JL Design, but Johnason Lo and company have been busy building some beautiful IDs for HiHD, Taiwan’s first HD network. Each spot mixes live action, lighting effects and minimalist CG elements to create mysterious vignettes that emphasize connections between people.

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thats beautiful work. love the randomness of some of the elements.




The floor with the geometric shapes reminds me of this UVA project: https://www.uva.co.uk/archives/74

Very slick work, nevertheless.


Just checked out the UVA site….there’s some seriously “similar” stuff on there and in JL Design’s video!! Whoever did those things first might want to have a word with their lawyers…


can we take a time out with the non-stop accusations of plagiarism on motionographer? i, for one, liked this quite a bit, and don’t think that it rips UVA. unless you feel like posting side by side comparisons of two pieces that you’re claiming are identical, please shut your troll ass up and let the rest of us enjoy the work.


Just to clarify, I never meant my comment to be a nasty call out. One is an installation and the others are ID . The floor is only one element, and JL added so much besides that one thing.


Honestly UVA didn’t invent that style and it has been use alot in all visual mediums. JL’s approach was very dope and they deserve more credit for the execution of the spots they put together.
Still a big fan of JL nice work


JL Did a great job for Taiwan TV industry !!

I am also a taiwanese working in Japan, i think their work is very awesome.
Proud to see the shifting going in Taiwan.

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