PetPunk: The Magnificient Town of Vilnius

PetPunk’s promo for Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, is a delightfully cacophonous bit of work. Using just about every imaginable animation technique, the project is a riot of color, type and whimsy. (I especially love the dog-head characters.)

In the same spirit of tourism promotion and cheerful nationalism, PetPunk’s “Welcome” from a couple years ago is definitely worth watching again.

Big ups to Mark Haley for the tip!

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jonny p

Its interesting to see 3d that is not trying to be something else. Its not toon, cell shaded, hand drawn, photo real its just 3d


I heard that Lithuania once commissioned avant Doom/Metal band Sunn O))) [members are graphic designers]’s installation art.

So no surprise in choosing the “criminals” this time.

Eclectic as the CRAZIEST John Zorn’s work.

Robby Trione

I thought it was cool to see the making of photos and videos. I’m glad they included that link on the site. I thought it was interesting that they used what looked like white paper plates for filming the animal heads. I was surprised they didn’t use blue or green.

Oliver M.

Oh shit, my eyes dropped out and i could instantly die,
because this was one of the most beautiful clips in universe.

PetPunk, you nailed the eclectic cuteness!
Holy shit, can someone please stop me praising?

And Yay Deocliciano you named it: eclectic as John Zorn.
I would add coloured as Mr.Bungle and composed as skillful
as Secret Chiefs. So, now I can go and choose my grave.

Thanks PetPunk!

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