DK Serves Up A Diverse Sampling for the Webbys

After a couple hardcore months of production, Digital Kitchen has just delivered a hefty and diverse package of content for this year’s Webby Awards Gala (June 9-10 in NYC). Presented on a 28×15 ft screen, these 27 films cover a wide range of styles from Live-Action, Animation, Information Graphics and a lot in-between.

As the Webby Awards’ Officical Film Production Partner, they spent April and May producing these pieces. They opened up the project to all of their studios (New York, LA, Seattle and Chicago) as well as many of their regular, talented collaborators. They also starred in many of them.

My personal favorites are the Gala Open (Directors Cut), directed by Rob Chiu, the Film and Video Open, directed by Bryce Wymer and Comedy Long Form, but I think there’s something in there satisfy anyone’s sensibilities.

The Webby Film and Video Awards Opening Film:

Bryce Wymer
Lloyd Alvarez
Jacques Broquard
Ylli Orana
Andreas Berner
Abbe Daniel
Wicked Music
Chris Caiati (DP)

The Webby Gala Opening Film:
Rob Chiu
Rama Allen
Gene Park
Frank Donnangelo
Anthony Vitagliano
Nick Campbell
Jason Esser
Peter Kallstrom
Mike Alfini
Erica Rangel
Abbe Daniel
Andrea Biderman
Kenji Yamashita
Julie Rutigliano
Chris Caiati (DP)

Category IDs:
Animation: Wil Frohn, Tim Howe
Best Editing: Shawn Fedorchuk
Best Sound Design: Greg Herman, Rama Allen
Best Use of Animation / Motion Graphics: Huy Dang
Best Writing: Slavka Kolbel
Comedy: Individual Short or Episode: Will Frohn
Comedy: Long Form or Series: Jeff Long, Andrew Maggio
Documentary: Individual Episode: Dave Skaff, Tim Malieckal, Greg Herman
Documentary: Series: Dave Skaff, Tim Malieckal, Greg Herman
Drama: Individual Episode: Ben Grube, Colin Travers
Drama: Series: Kenji Yamashita, Colin Travers
Events & Live Broadcasts : Mike Campobasso, Mike Alfini, Peter Kallstrom
Experimental: Brian Bowman, Rod Lamborn
How To and DIY: John Foreman
Music: Nick Campbell
News & Politics: Individual Episode: Gene Park
News & Politics: Series: Frank Donnangelo
Public Service & Activism: Eric Anderson
Reality: Jeff Long, Andrew Maggio
Sports: Tim Howe
Student: Erica Rangel
Technology: Greg Herman
Travel: Brian Bowman
Variety: Chris Palazzo
Viral: Jayne Vidheecharoen

IDs Produced by Andrea Biderman, Abbe Daniel, Erica Rangel, Chezik Walker.

Daniel Freedman at Wicked Music worked with Rama Allen to create the vast majority of original music for all of the show content.