PostPanic + Postman Returns

PostPanic returns with a second installment of the Postman, directed by Mishca Rozema. I remember how much I loved the first one they dropped to open their old reel. This one lives up to its predecessor with the same stark visuals, tripped-out, visceral intensity and audio that just makes you cringe.

Writer, Designer and Director: Mischa Rozema
Animation: Ivor Goldberg
Sound design: Guy Amitai (Massive Music)
Lawrence Horne (Kaiser Sound Studios)
Music licence and production: Lodewijk Pöttker (Massive Music)
Producer: Annejes van Liempd
Executive Producers: Ania Markham, Jules Tervoort

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London

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I heart the postman


Pure awesomeness! One of the few (if not the only) successful mograph remakes out there!
Kick ass guys, congrats! :-D

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