Motion Theory: Guinness “Another Dimension”

Motion Theory’s Jesus de Francisco and Mark Kudsi directed this new advert for Guinness centering on the ancient sport of hurling.

Having seen hurling on the telly in Ireland a couple times, I’d expect a spot full of “high-impact” cliches: metal textures, futuristic CG elements, shaky camera work, heavy metal soundtrack, etc. But instead, MTh’s approach is decidedly understated. Liquid trails and an omnipresent “action dust” give the spot a painterly feel, while the conspicuous absence of music creates a strange vacuum effect: The sound design leaps to the foreground, and time becomes an elastic ether in which the players drift like pissed-off ballerinas.

If you’re wondering why the walls appear near the end of the spot, it’s because the spot is promoting Guinness’ Hurling Cubed events, which invite teams to face off in walled-in hurling courts.

Credits can be found on Motion Theory’s project page

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Justin Cone

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Joe Clay

That is an awesome spot. I love how those particles build the atmosphere of the void. The glowing ball is a nice touch. But the color of the shirt drifting off, as you’ve captured in the screenshot, is superb.


it´s extremely well done, but the whole “lines/particles trail people doing sports” is getting kinda old…

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