Pepsi “OpenSource”

Anyone know who’s responsible for this fun advert for Pepsi? In addition to loads of nice CG, there’s some great storytelling and pacing that keeps the spot from being a simple “say cow, see cow” interpretation of the interviewees’ ideal Pepsi ad.

I’m assuming JWT is the agency behind it, but I can’t find the scantest mention of the studio(s) that pulled it off.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dan in the comments, we now know that Glassworks handled the post-production. Full credits on their project page.

Thanks to Gabriel Tremblay Grenier for the tip!

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dan cooper

Glassworks in the UK handled the post.


despite the language barrier, I like it. The ad is quite dynamic… If there is an english subtitle that would really add more in the appreciation part. :)


open source? where?



Spike Jonze – Oasis video concept anyone?
Directors Label-Work of Director Spike Jonze (2003)

Hate to be negative about this ad (I like it) but it’s a nice Idea and concept.. sadly it’s not theirs and they should give credit where it’s due.


So, there’s no possible way to come up with the idea of having viewers tell the story on their own?

Wait, networks have been running contests for decades where viewers send in their ideas. Radio shows where you win and host it.

Or how about that age old game where you write one line in the story and someone else writes another until the story is finished. Or wait again, how about the add on to the game where you draw a picture a folded piece of paper and someone else draws something else on the other side connecting the overlap

Give me a break.


the concept of asking people is already an idea! And who said that this is real people and real ideas? We don’t really care!

@zeniamai … they speak in english, didn’t?


With my volume turned low and with the accent, I have completely sounded like an idiot back there. My bad…

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