PES: Western Spaghetti

NOTE: If you don’t see the video on the PES site, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

At long last, PES’s latest short film is online for the world to behold. “Western Spaghetti” is, in my opinion, PES’ most inventive project to date. Each clever re-purposing of ordinary items feels like a minor epiphany, a burst of childlike imagination.

I remember the audible oohs and ahhs from the audience when PES previewed a couple scenes of Western Spaghetti at the last Inspire. PES has managed to sustain that level of titillation, showing us the world through his eyes for a giddy minute and a half. Thanks to him, I’ll never look at a Rubik’s cube quite the same way again.

Big thanks to Brett for the tip!


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This is a great short. If you’re in the bay area, you can see it on a movie screen as part of “The Animation Show.” A handful of other pieces in the show will likely be of interest to regular readers, and have shown up here (and a handful certainly won’t).


just amazing!


I like the simple insanity that starts forming in my brain as i watch their work.


I just saw this during a screening of The Animation Show tonight here in St.Louis. It along with the rest of the show was amazing.


love it…


so awesome! full of those “I wish I’d thought of that” ideas.

Robby Trione

Awesome stuff! Their whole website is great!

jack west

sweet, thanks for the news! You gotta see if you haven’t already.


They are genius!
One of the Best work even seen.
I will be like you.
Congratulations for your work!


멋진영상 잘봤습니다~


I have no idea what that says, but I think it’s awesome. I just hope it’s not Chinese porn spam.


umm, well it’s probably not chinese anything, seeing as those are korean characters, dude.


Well that’s a relief.


PES is fantastic, and agree this one is the best yet. For the curious, google translated the characters as “Jalbwatseup to cool videos.”

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