Cisma: Handmade

Although it was completed nearly two years ago, Cisma can now release his lyrical short film, “Handmade,” into the wild of the interw3b. It was worth the wait.

The film is a surreal narrative of unrequited love told mostly through irksome metaphors that stick with you long after the film has ended. Color is hugely important, too. Each scene has a chromatic mood that acts as a subtext to the action. The whole package is a nicely controlled mix of storytelling and visual play.

Watch and download “Handmade” on the official site

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



super fantastic! Everything has been given special attention from the sound design to the imagery. It’s refreshing to see work like this.. 3 cheers.


wow. thats strange, but good.
i feel really odd now.
gotta get one of those watches!


I really didn’t like it. I though some of the effects were cool, but it was like watching paint dry, applying a second coat, and watching that dry.


mmm.. watching paint dry.. that’s interesting, so you thought it was poetical but boring. it does make sense.
Some people felt the same way. Sad and slow stories are not so popular these days.
thanks for all the comments!




strangely beautiful.

are they producing something now days.?


we are making another one now to be released in october


that was awesome man.
Loved the tea scene. Brilliant metaphor.
Hats off.


very beautiful and intense.

For those of you wondering what is written in the piece it’s something like this:

«I’m living in…»

«I’m living in the present»

«pass» (the first word he cuts for the tea)

«disappear» (the word he grabs with his hand)

patrick defasten

“Sad and slow stories are not so popular these days”

i don’t think they were ever very popular with the ad industry crowd to begin with, lol. just looking at the bulk of the work featured here is indicative of that.

it was nice to see something slightly different. ie. longer that a 2min video. i think it was really well shot, and the colours were good. what kind of lense did you use?

and how did you cast lovefoxx? how awesome.



lovefoxxx is good friend of mine. I had no money at all to make it so Ive called friends to help. Even so you have to pay for the food, the film, the light. I’ve spent around 6k dollars to make it.


We used zeiss 1.3 prime lenses and the camera was the arri SrIII super 16.


Narrative’s all about cut-up!


Very intelligent and HUMOROUS!




Its strangely and poetically beautiful…


scc sexy


This is just a general comment about slow vs faster-paced pieces.

I think that if people were watching this short in the cinema they may possibly not find it as slow as when watching it on a computer.
Why? In the cinema – there are no other distractions – you’re there to specifically watch what’s on the big screen.

On the computer, you probably interrupted whatever you were doing to watch this short, once the short is over, you’ll return to whatever you were doing.

So I think we all tend to be a little more impatient when watching online than when we are at the cinema.


I agree with you. I’m sick and tired of this ultra-fast-motion-graphics selling something or whatever. This is much better than any nike or zune spot. Anyway, very good cisma, can’t wait to see next one. I heard is going to be freaky…

Marc B.

There are some nice moments. But over all it is a tad boring and not necessarily because it’s slow.


its beautiful
sometimes slow is better..

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