Twenty 120 Films Are Online

Wait no more, this year’s Twenty 120 films are now online for full appreciation! In this second edition, directors take off where they left off last year, staying true to the ideals of creativity and innovation, with a theme of Truth vs. Deception from Chuck Carey.

This year’s jaw-dropping selection includes works from Matt Tragesser, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, David Lobser, Rob Chiu, Matt Lambert, Chris Hewett, Jason Koxvold, Stephen Schuster, Matt Smithson, Mark Yamomoto, Erin Sarofsky, Limore Shur and Jory Hull and many other creative aces.

Make sure to block off a good hour to watch them, you will need it.

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I see Vaughn Oliver’s name on the 20/120 facebook page, but not on the films site. Which one was he involved with?




i’m lovin’ it


love matts digital interference with crayon.


anyone else having problems viewing Rob Chui’s or is it just me?


It’s not just you, the link is off.
Word has it that he’s still working on it, but I’m not sure.


absolutely love the opener

as well, the visuals on chris hewitt’s piece are amazing, I just wish he went a bit farther in questioning the moon landings.

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