Native Support for RED in After Effects and Premiere

RED’s been working on a plugin for After Effects and Premiere that will allow uses to natively open R3D files, and it should be available “within a week” (according to RED founder and chairman Jim Jannard on the Reduser forum).

At the moment, Final Cut and AVID don’t have native R3D support, so this is a pretty big boon for Adobe, at least in terms of RED workflow.

Disclaimer: Adobe is a Motionographer sponsor.

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El Gordo

Thats very odd.
Whats the point of getting the plugin for Premiere and after effects?

You cant really edit in After Effects, and Premiere is a home-video tool, rarely used by professionals.


The point is to get the adoption of the RAW format RED uses.
Working with he RAW file in AE and PPRO makes it alot easier then having to transcode and work with proxy’s.
I do alot of work with RED and having to skip the step of log and transfer in FCP is a big time saver for now.
Make a base edit in PPRO and not have to render by brining that directly into AE.

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