New Title Sequences at Forget the film…

Forget the film, watch the titles has posted up two new title sequences: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and The Teeth Of The Night


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Some really awkward camera moves and transitions on the Mummy intro. (also it got %10 on RT) Love the Teeth of the Night intro!


I agree, don’t like it, it doesn’t fit the audio either


what the others wrote. and one could also argue that its over the top inspired by the 300 intros as well as most of the paintbrush splash stuff from 2 years back. not that im one to argue against such a style. i can understand that they had to go 3d with it to engage the cinema audience but it takes away much of what pain and canvas offers as a medium when you add stale camera flights to the mix.


Wonder what Garson Yu thinks of this?


This is not as good as the previous opens and endings. The camera moves are horrible. Imaginary Forces used to make some nice work but seems like they have lost their steam!


I’ve thought that recently, check out their entries for the Emmy Title Sequence Awards

…how can you ever top se7en though hehe.

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