Sixty40 look Smart for Kmart

A couple of weeks ago, back in the dark days of Motionographer 1.0 we posted Sydney based Sixty40’s showreel as a quickie. In amongst their work, this recent gem for Kmart particularly stands out as worthy of an upgrade to feature. So voila!

It’s great to watch as a studio ups their game to the next level, and with this spot sixty40 do just that. The character design particularly stands out to me. I love the helmet-sporting gorilla on the start line, and wish we could have seen some more of him in the rest of the spot. But then again with ads like this it’s all about dashing through a cool alternative reality that kids would rather live in. And that’s what the crew have delivered here; no wuckers…Good on ya fellas.

Title: Kmart Super Toy Sale
Length: 30 sec
Director: Sixty40


AGENCY: CumminsNitro
Executive Creative Director: Sean Cummins
Creative Director: Fiona Leeming
Agency Producer: Georgina Toole
Writer: Angela Harding
Art Director: Astrid Schmidt

Production Company: Sixty40
Directors: Sixty40
Producer: Sixty40
Lead 3D Animator: Nick Paroz
Character Design and Storyboard: Matt Taylor
Art Direction: Lilian Darmono and Daniela Bau
Lead Compositor: Daniel Fitzgerald
Compositors: Mark Simpson, Andres Gomez and Jason Morice
3D Animation: Gary Pate and Alison Bond
2D Animation: Evan Newby and Antonio Artese
Editor: Haywire Films
DOP: Andre Deubel (Resolution Films)

Music: Final Sound
Sound Design: Final Sound


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uuuhhh. come on that doesn’t deserves news, maybe a quickie…


I second that…


second that.


and very quickly


why not post it? the vast majority of blogs on the net contain people listing what they had for breakfast that morning. this looks nice, which is more than can be said for what i had for breakfast this morning.


I’m just surprised to see an ad for KMart. I thought they were dead.

Juan Pablo

please, return the favicon!!





Ok let me clear one thing that it is all about EXPECTATION, you don’t expect your favorite writer writes about what he eats as breakfast (except there is something special about that), you don’t expect your favorite Singer sings like Birtney Spears and so on, same to which is one of the best MG blogs around, there are tons of tons of tons of animation and motion graphic stuff that only a few of them deserves to be mentioned here, It is important to keep the quality of the site constantly or better, improve it. I am a TV Ad art director and animator (since 1994) and I know what I am talking about.

Btw, Kudos to Motiongrapher staff and contributers for such a nice site.


Issue is, MG seems to have high claims on featured work and/or studios (I still wonder why METAphrenie gets mentioned from time to time but not featured in the studio listing) – but then they feature mediocre and boring stuff like this…

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