Punga’s animal magic for Temaiken Bioparque

Buenos Aires based studio Punga have created two stop-motion inspired spots for Temaiken Bioparque (Biopark is apparently a PC way of saying Zoo).

Although the pieces are on ‘ones’ as opposed to ‘twos’, the grade and physical sets bring a warmth and charm that evokes the stop-motion days of yore. Patricio from Punga explains:

The idea was to create a stop-motion like piece. We took an artist to build the mockups (sets) at the studio and shot it in HDV, then using PF tracking and 3D studio max + after effects, we achieved these two funny little pieces: Chita and Mono… so what you see as scenario is not 3D, it’s paper and cardboard. The little characters are 3D

I can see that this way of working could really appeal to artists wanting to get their hands dirty with physical modeling, whilst retaining the control of CG for animation. Certainly the stop frame aesthetic seems to be resurging right now, all be it simulated by a full or partial CG execution. I know there’s been some debate over on ‘Cartoon Brew’ about Tom & Mark’s recent spot for RBC, and whether it’s fair game to use CG to re-create an art form that for many people is held very dear. IMO, if the idea and execution stand up, (As they obviously do here) then to me it’s not so important how the creators get there, but I’m no puritan…

Watch the spots here:

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Hola Tomi y Pato.
EL proyecto les quedo precioso.
Me alegra que sigan haciendo trabajos divertidos y con alto nivel de finishing.
saludos desde LA


Que grande Anibal!
Gracias, un abrazo


I really like these spots, especially Mono, even though I have no idea what is being said. The best part about them are the BGs, which makes sense, since they weren’t digital.

Actually, to me, there really shouldn’t be an argument tied to this work – it looks nothing like SM. I personally think you need to animate on ‘twos’ (hell, maybe even ‘threes’) when using digital models (esp 3D) to imitate the look convincingly.

Anyway, again, fun spots – nice work overall.

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