Yaniv Fridman and Nicolas Alexander Girard are Miniature Rocket

Yaniv Fridman and Nicolas Alexander Girard started working together as students at the Vancouver Film School and quickly realized they had great creative chemistry. So they decided to launch (pun intended) Miniature Rocket as their final project. They explain the rest better than I could:

The objective was to create an identity and a launching campaign for a new design studio that would specialize in motion graphics. The launch campaign includes a one minute motion piece called Polaris, as an alternative to the traditional demo reel for the company. Combining 2D, 3D animation, stop motion and classical animation, it is inspired by, and references the art and design of the 20th Century.

It’s an eclectic grab bag of styles, and to be honest, I passed on it at first. But there’s a wild thread uniting the whole thing, making it a compelling bit of work that does exactly what it purports to do: show the stylistic diversity and range of influences that inspire its creators.

Yaniv and Nicolas no stranger to Motionographer, by the way. A while back, we posted a Quickie for an animation about being a bridesmaid, on which they worked with another VFS student, Amber Mackay.

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