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This is a little outside the norm for Motionographer, but I’m meserized by “Meridian,” a new short film from Brian Bowman (Creative Director for Digital Kitchen NY) and Rod Lamborn (a cinematographer who’s worked frequently with Tronic and other studios).

To quote its creators, “Meridian uses time lapse footage coupled with a live action environment to describe the material connection between the ethereal universe and human perception.”

The soundtrack is “The Daydream” from Scott “Tycho” Hansen. For full credits, check out of the official list on the official site.


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Marc B.

Some nice images i guess but reminded me more of a Victoria Secret ad.


maybe. if a flock of Victoria’s Secret models slept with the makers of Baraka.



nice job dudes


There’s definitely a nice concept here, just think think it hasn’t been realized to the full extent.. there’s not much substance to it. Beautiful cinematography and great sound track though.


I agree, it looks and feels fantastic on it’s own, no need for the pseudo intellectualising unless there was further tangible depth to back it up.


I guess I expected more of a Koyaanisqatsi kind of magic, but this isn’t quite it. Seeing the fashion model ruined it for me, it would have been more powerful if they had used “ordinary” people as part of the “process of discovery within the context of ordinary life”. Regardless, nicely done.


to be honest, i didn’t like the editing. thought most of the shots were nice and pretty, while some were crap and detracted from the piece. but my main beef was with the black flash frames in the beginning, hated those. throughout the video i felt like i was noticing cuts when i shouldn’t have. too predictable in some places and a little jarring at times when shots didn’t flow into each other or get enough of a chance to breathe…


I don’t expect every personal project to bash my head in with it’s radical/untamed style, but I feel like i’ve been seeing more well-made stuff playing it safe lately. That recent Eggman Moby video is a more extreme example. They seem a bit like proxy ads, creating a slick pleasant atmosphere without any specific context to preclude being grafted to a vodka brand or something. I’d say the main limiting factor as a short film and the main plus as an ad is the modely looking model loosely thrown into the mix. She feels like a special effect rather than a source of human interest.


yeah, too ad-driven. to the point i was expecting a voice over luring us to the experience the new Prestige 23 Hotel Suites on Mountain View in Los Angeles.

or something. :)

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