Mixtape Club for My Morning Jacket

Mixtape Club has been happily toiling away in their new home at Hornet. Last month, they released some character-based motion and print work for Nike/Foot Locker, and now they’re back with a full music video for My Morning Jacket’s “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Part 2.”

The video follows the journey Jasper, a cute critter inspired by the noctural tarsier, who’s gone in search of his firefly friend/servant. Jasper’s revelation at the video’s conclusion is subtly sweet and nicely paced, matching the arc of My Morning Jacket’s music perfectly.

Says Mixtape Club’s Michelle Higa: “It’s mostly heavy duty Photoshop and After Effects. There are two big shots where we used Cinema4D, but everything else is After Effects.” In several shots, the lantern is entirely comprised of 3D layers in AE. It was a ton of hard work condensed into nine weeks of work from concept to delivery, but it paid off: the video is currently getting some front page love on MTV2.

Watch on Hornet’s site | Watch on Mixtape Club’s site

Director: Mixtape Club
Labe:l ATO Records
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
EP, ATO Records: John Biondolilo
Producer: Hana Shimizu
Editor: Joe Suslak
Designers: Erin Kilkenny, Emmett Dzieza, Arthur Hur, Michael Seiser, Tavet Gillson, Joe Posner
Animators: Arthur Hur, Erin Kilkenny, Emmett Dzieza, Michael Seiser, Tavet Gillson, Andrew MacFarlane, Will Decker
3D Animation: Emmett Dzieza
Storyboard Artist: Tavet Gillson
PA: Corey Ryan


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