Prologue: RockNRolla Titles

Prologue Films‘ Danny Yount is back with the main titles for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film, RockNRolla. The look combines some fantastic comic book-style character illustrations from Chris Sanchez with painterly backdrops and grungy details subtly reminiscent of Yount’s work on Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

The type, as usual, is spot on: every credit has been tweaked to echo its surroundings without getting lost in them. The limited palette of the sequence deepens the comic book vibe of the illustrations, while the occasional defocusing of the camera reminds us we’re watching a film.

Prologue Films | Danny Yount’s site | RockNRolla trailer

Client: Guy Ritchie / Toff Guy
Production Company: Prologue Films
Design & Animation: Danny Yount, Ilya Abulhanov, Alex Hanson
Illustrator: Chris Sanchez
Film Compositor: Anthony Mabin
Executive Producer: Ian Dawson


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great work, Chris is amazing.


I also liked the tropic thunder end titles they did recently :)

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