Fox Sports Design: NASCAR “Engine City”

Fox Sports Design has a long history of raising the bar for broadcast promos. I’m not sure how this one slipped past our radar, but “Engine City,” released a couple months ago, definitely deserves a gander.

Teaming up with Paris-based BUF, Fox somehow managed to mix polish and grit in a spot that’s bristling with chrome and brimming with testosterone. The little oil splash details are a nice added touch, and the final pull-out at the spot’s conclusion feels like a fitting payoff.

Credits and boards on the Fox Sports Design project page.

Thanks to Jim for the tip, via Space Invaders.

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Damn it, there are some incredible detailed and beautiful shots in this spot! Great work!


A bit too much detail, actually. my eye goes all over the place. I’m sure this is EXACTLY what the client wanted. impressive, though. most impressive.


holy crankshaft – I think I just piston my pants. great work guys!


It’s a bit to shiny and clean for my taste, especially if you think you’re in an engine, but the animation and the camerawork is incredible.


Very nice! and i think the clean and shiney adds to it the feeling of a chromed out muscle engine.
They have some kickass stuff on their reel too!


I’ve been looking to see this spot again ever since I saw it one time at a pizza shop months back.. Really great work.. Is there a 16×9 version around? Or was this always a 4×3 spot?

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