Dvein and Alex Trochut: Voll Damm Jazz

[Slow? Try the Motionographer mirror]

Barcelona badasses Dvein and Alex Trochut teamed up on this stylish spot (Motionographer mirror) for Spanish beer-maker Voll Damm and the Vitoria and Barcelona Jazz festival. It’s a beautifully fluid bit of impressionism that shifts and oozes with the improvisational spirit of jazz itself.

Art Direction by Alex Trochut
Animated by Dvein
Music by Trafalgar 13
Agency S.C.P.F.

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Can that AlexTrochut guy stop being so damn awesome?
Not their best piece but still very nice rhythm. also interesting & uncommon color palette. From trochut, strange not to see any typography in there…


Both great pieces, Brett.


you know who’s awesome? the guys who ANIMATED THIS.

i’m so sick of everyone giving the praise to the “art directors” behind pieces who comp up a few boards and give thumbs up or down to everyone.

you realize some blurry obscure shapes in photoshop isnt a big deal.

its the dudes clocking all nighters pouring their animation talent into breathing life into it… thats the fucking skill.


Alex Trochut and Dvein works in the same building, same space – and I am quite certain that Alex Trochut had a huge hand in this one with his storyboard/sketches and eyes over the whole animating process with Dvein, and might even helped them out in the process.

And I am sure Alex didn’t leave Dvein duo at their workstation as they spent all nighters pouring their animation talent into breathing life into – pretty sure Alex stuck back and worked with them.


@bastard: I can understand what you are saying but if you look at mr trochut’s work you can see that this piece is remeniscent of his work (which is excellent) and that is why his name is mentioned and praised (seriously, look at his work, his stuff is excellent, done by himself and not just him being an art director). Good Art Director + Good shop (dvein) you got a good piece. I like this piece but I am not crazy about it.


Then why do we need those art directors and designers bastard if all it takes is key frame pushers?


You Damn right!!
We don’t need them at all…I know some creative Directors who knows nothing about making an art piece, they just say: “Do like that, and make it like the shiny effect i saw i that movie…”
And that the kind of person who always get the full credits…that’s the world we live in…
Btw: i am one of these guys..


nicely animated and nice pase. You can clearly see trochut’s style in this. Although I have the feeling it’s been done by people like Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren in the early days, it’s still fresh.


budweiser liquid gold + cremesavers = voll damm?


That piece of work is really awesome !

Like NicolasAlexander said it’s strange that there’s no typographism but we can easily recognize the style.

Josie K

@bastard: I totally get what you are saying. I’m not into bashing the whole craft of art directors, but it’s easy for a totally untalented intividual to do the job when they have a good artist to back them up (while making the life of the artist living hell). For some reason I’m always having a hard time respecting art directors who never actually worked creatively as operators (or at least in some other creative dicipline) and got all their inspiration from watching super hero movies and the posts here at motionographer.

Concerning the spot I have to say that I really like it (Like most of the stuff that Dvein has produced so far). Works really well with the music and the execution and flow is cleaner than the Lobo one.
Would be really great to get some background info on how it was created. Looks like it is classic frame-by-frame animation but there might be more to it.


//insert more coughing


but still a very nice spot.


if you´re good you can do both…but great pieces always have a team working behind ,rarely is just one guy…so i think an art director and an animator are essencial


yea! nice work dvein. keep partying and rocking the mograph.


I think these days of the old art director paradigm of a guy who just stuck around long enough to get promoted…but now all they do is hire freelancers and take notes from the clients and explain everything to everyone..-basically a PRODUCER – is slowly dying out.

there is just to much talent out there that can run circles around that kind of inefficient system.



Kinda reminds me of this piece my buddies did at Make…


Don’t tell me this was done using Shape Layers in AE!

Seriously, how the hell was this done? It looks a little too much like hard work (read: real hand-drawn animation ala Disney) to have been completed within time/budget constraints. Sometimes in this industry it’s hard to see how anyone makes anything good. You just gotta be fast, clever, creative and FAST as hell. Did I say you gotta work fast?


If I had to think of something I’d get some footage of the jazz players in after effects, screw around with the levels in multiple layers to divide the footage into 3/4 colors (rather than posterize, you’d have more controls with levels). Then I’d try to get the different color areas as smooth as possible and start playing around with glue gun/mr wiggler. Probably there are better ways but that’s what I came up with thinking about it.

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