[Reprise] Lobo’s “Go Miniman Go”

We posted this epic ode to Lego’s miniman a few days ago. But we’ve since gotten our hands on a higher resolution version, and it’s worth checking out again.

Lobo (repped by The Ebeling Group) did a bang-up job on the transitions, with each scene flowing effortlessly into the next. The fluidity is so smooth, in fact, that it’s easy to take it for granted when watching it the first couple times. But when you start to think about all the planning it took to pull this off, the appreciation deepens and the spot takes on a new shine.

The soundtrack from Paulo Beto is also noteworthy. Like the visuals, it slides from motif to motif with charming ease.

Production Company: The Ebeling Group
City | State | Country: Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo, SP 04534-013
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles

DIRECTOR/Animation/Post/Visual Effects
Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Head of Production: Loic Dubois
Director: Lob/Cadu Macedo
Lead Modeler: Franck Falgueyrac, Olavo Chagas
Lead Render: Franck Falgueyrac
Storyboard: Libero Malavoglia, Cadu Macedo
Modeler: Cadu Macedo, Rafael Segnini, Sergio Rochas, Diego Aragão Maia

Animators: Yuri Lementy, Cadu Macedo, Marco Antonio Trandafilov,
Jason Tadeu de Oliveira, Alexandre Martins, Helio Takahashi, Vitor Viela
3D Rendering: Franck Falgueyrac, Olavo Chagas, Ivan Imanishi, Daniel Sampaio
Textures: Cadu Macedo
Compositor: Cadu Macedo
CG Script Development: Paulo Nogueira, Ivan Imanishi
Stereoscopic Consultant: Andre Rosa

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
City | State: San Francisco, CA
Pres/Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Creative Director: PJ Pereira
Copywriter: Robert Lambrechts
Art Director: Jason Apaliski
Executive Producer: Jeff Ferro
Interactive Producer: Juliana Hasegawa
Client Contact: Jeff Ferro

Music Company Name: POP Sound
Sound Design: Peter Rincon
Sound Assistant: Rob Weiss

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