Nathan Love for Humana

Insurance giant Humana and agency Red7e tapped the prodigous character animation talents of Nathan Love for a series of shorts featuring two characters living in parallel universes, Happy Steve and Sad Steve. (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which Steve chose Humana insurance.) Check out the entire series here:

There are some great moments in these clips, with my favorite being “Fitness.” Red7e and Humana gave Nathan Love loads of control control, so they took the opportunity to have some fun—something the Nathan Love crew takes very seriously.

Agency: Red7e
Executive Producer: Todd Pritts
Producers: Pip Pullen, Brett Jeffreys
Writers: Pip Pullen, Todd Pritts

Flash Production: Visual Scientists
Flash Director: Dave Durand
Site Design: Dave Durand, Todd Pritts (Red7e), Jesse Lucas, Jon Shaw
Flash Programming / Build: Jesse Lucas, Jon Shaw

Animation Studio: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: Mike Harry
Directors: Joe Burrascano & Dan Vislocky
Art Director: Anca Risca
Technical Director: Sarah-Elizabeth Clemens
Animation: Dan Vislocky, Ryan Moran, Mats Andersson, Kevin Phelps, Max
Perelman, Ian Brauner
Lighting & Compositing: Anca Risca, Sylvia Apostol, Scott Hubbard, Saira
Mathew, Sarah-Elizabeth Clemens

Audio House: Nathan Love
Sound Design & Composer: Drew Skinner
Voice Talent & Foley: Drew Skinner

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if i read the word tapped one more time i am gonna scream. it is one of those words that separates designers from the rest of the world and makes me feel all icky

id like to Echo something _insert name_ said
somethings not right, there’s “a Disconnect”
that really Resonates


So awesome! Good animation is the key!


@alienmode: Duly noted. Now go have a beer. It’s Friday.


“prodigous character animation talents”. I dunno if i can say this after having seen these. The character design and shading looks somewhat rudimentary and ambient occlusion backdrops? Ugh. No offense though.


Besides the, in my opinion, purposely and effectively reduced shading, how does this, or even the simplicity of the characters, relate to the fact that they are very well ANIMATED?


Uh and BTW – Is the red7e website nasty or what?


These comments are depressing.
Although these shorts don’t make me feel much different about Humana, I think they are a lot of fun, the style is great, and the character design fits the playful feel of the shorts. Nice job!


Nice work great animation and character design as usual.


what should be mentioned is that this was an experimental project for Humana, designed as an interactive web experience. you can see the prototype here:

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