Barnaby Barford’s Damaged Goods

Fine artist Barnaby Barford teamed up with the good folks at Nexus to direct this classic boy meets girl tale. The interesting thing about it is the unusual medium—not so much of stop motion, but using ceramic figurines. I like it when the medium relates so intimately to the story.

Barnaby has a track record of working with found, mass-produced ceramic figurines and objects and just ventured into filmmaking with this clip. Good work!

The spot was commissioned by Animate Projects, who develop initiatives that explore the relationship between art and animation. This is just a trailer, the whole thing will air on Channel 4 on the 21th of September at 11.55pm.

Director: Barnaby Barford
Animators: Tine Kluth, Leo Nicholson
Editor: Thy Quach
Producer: Charlotte Bavasso, Christopher O’Reilly
Co-producer: Luke Youngman
Production Company: Nexus Productions Ltd
Music and sound design: Chris Branch, Tom Haines of Brains and Hunch

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awesome, can’t wait to see the final thing… i wonder how they got the subtle secondary animation on the main characters while keeping the ceramic look.


Just to let you know, the film is going to be broadcast on Sunday the 21st of September on Channel 4 in the UK at 11.55pm (not on the 17th as stated in the post (although this was correct at time of going to press!)), alongside the other films commissioned last year by Animate Projects.




Thx Luke!

I updated that info.



Excelente!!! if there is some way for people leaving outside the UK to watch this when it get air let us know. THX

it was really great animation thankyou for sharing


That was certainly interesting… I am really interested to see how they went about in making this… :)


Glad to hear such positive responses about Damaged Goods.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what inspired Barnaby to make the film, we’ll have uploaded artist’s interviews to by the end of October, alongside all the new AnimateTV films.

All the best

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