Crush & Blok Build for Arte

In a perhaps unprecedented (I swear we’re not on the payroll) back to back posting, we follow up Crush‘s podcast with their new collaboration with Blok for Arte en Construccion’s main titles. The refined combination of precision and naivety in this cinematic study of a hand-crafted, miniature set is truly engaging. The freshness of their visual executions of recent continue to impress.

Crush’s Creative Director Gary Thomas on their collaborative process with Blok:
“Arte en Construccion is an arts program examining the creative process of leading visual artists in Mexico. It’s a show that seeks to understand the mechanics of creativity… The team chose a very tactile landscape. Part construction, part art installation, part biology. Our director, Adrian Lawrence, created a surreal, cerebral miniature landscape, and then hand animated the threads that connect and weave throughout the opening. The process was a fluid interaction between Crush and Blok, and drew on all facets of Crush’s team. The music was done by Adam Palmer, Crush’s resident DJ and sound stylist.”

Production Company: Crush, Toronto
Director: Adrian Lawrence, Crush
Creative Director: Natasha Rand & Gary Thomas, Crush
Design: Blok Design, Mexico City
CG Technical Director: Aylwin Fernando
CG Artist: Jacques Dell
CG Animator: Chris Minos
Flame Artist: Kaelem Cahill
Executive Producer: Jo-ann Cook
Producers: Debbie Cooke, Stephanie Pennington
Production Manager: Adam Palmer
Production Coordinator: Tara Hall