Helio Vega’s open titles for Mad in Spain

Helio Vega just completely these stunning titles for Mad in Spain. The beauty of these titles for me is the use of multiple techniques to emote the particular creative’s aesthetic. Also displaying Vega’s ability to compose beautiful shots as well as utilize whatever style he needs to get the point across. I spoke with Vega about this and here is what he had to say to me:

The designer’s work space is an important part in the creative process. The place where designers feel most comfortable, most relaxed, helps them create new concepts and ideas. These titles show the scenes where the creative people develop liquid ideas, cut and paste elements or add layers to get their goal: a new visual, a new idea. I’ve included some speaker’s real work to introduce to the audience how they get inspiration and I’ve tried to compose it in a way that everyone feels related with the visuals. The movie opens with a sunset in Madrid. During the titles you see the work place when designers are not working at this moment, but elements still live there, still working on intuiting the designer’s aura.

I believe Mr. Vega thoroughly accomplished this very difficult task he set out for himself. One of the better title sequences I’ve seen in a while.