PSST! Pass it on…for Over the Rhine

Democratic moving image project “PSST! Pass it on” have just created their first music promo for the Cincinnati, Ohio-based band, Over The Rhine.

The “PSST!” model, loosely stated, is for each artist to create a section of video, pass it on to the next and see where it goes. The results here are stories of owls, a skate-boarding zombie girl, a gardener robot and a cult-guru and a jilted lover… Sounds like my Sunday.

I’m a big fan of this sort of “round table” collaborative affair. Differentiated aesthetics paired with a common drive can make something really eclectic and beautiful. The evidence is here. I wonder if PSST! is a pioneering model for the shape of creative things to come…Here’s hoping.

Music: Over the Rhine

Co-Curation: PSST! + Ryan Dunn

Part 1:
Director: Ryan Dunn
Illustrator: Elliot Lim
Propmaster: Alex Foucre-Stimes

Part 2:
Designed, animated & directed by Paul Cayrol

Part 3:
Director: Masayoshi Nakamura
DP: Magico Nakamura
Editor: Erik Montovano

Part 4:
Designed &animated by Ryan Rothermel & Thai Tran
DP: Billy Summers

Part 5:
Design and story: Jon Saunders
Animation and story: Cary Janks
Lunch: Jan’s Mom

Part 6:
Directed by Caroline Attia

Titles by Bran Dougherty-Johnson

About the author

Simon Robson

Live in London with my girlfriend Emma. Animation director with Nexus Productions. Moving to Sydney for a while in October. Likes: anything that dings my creative dong, sushi, spongebob, crap Saturday evening TV, White chocolate, Muai Thai. Dislikes: Plagirism, PNAC, cleaning up my cats' sick.



Some solid work from a great bunch of talented folks!

Welcome back the fray Simon…

Simon Robson

Ta very muchly…I wanna get in on one of these projects. All for one and one for all etc etc…


Very nice, I like!
Loved the transitions, the whole piece flows seamlessly! :-)

yeah, good to have you back, Simon.


its pretty awesome. The european delegation fully approves this with high honors.


I am very surprised on how consistent and together this one is. Generally this type collaboration projects are all over the place.


Well done!
Not sure though if this should be the model for a lot of other things because it starts to look a little too much like anything else we’ve seen by PSST already. A lot of eye-candy bits without much substance. Not always a bad thing but i’m just sayin’.


i candy can be the substance.

Joe Clay

Just to note that this method isn’t unique to PSST! (which they also acknowledge). It’s derived from the Dada movement and is better known as ‘Exquisite Corpse.’ We made exquisite corpse videos in one of my classes with students from another university.

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