Rob Chiu’s Opener for Flash On the Beach

Rob Chiu’s Opener for Flash On the Beach (audio by Hecq)

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Matt Lambert

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that was pretty cool, nice color grade and editing.


I really really loved early chiu’s works, but imo is becoming a bit repetitive..honestly I can’t see any motion graphics in here… Great photography and edit though…for sure just my thoughts on that

Charles Lee

I disagree
Rob’s work is maturing and his spots are becoming his own style, that not to many people can match. Also i think this word “Motion Graphics” is for first year students and or 50 year old’s that make wedding videos.

Either way, this spot is beautiful, and you can’t beat large type cut outs with in camera effects, i’m sorry, but this is old school “motion graphics” at its finest.


So true, so true!


Just thinking there is a thin line between those who are in the hall of fame and others.
This stuff is traditional cinematography becoming motion graphics trends nowadays.
Following your argumentation should we ban “motion graphics” word just because related to wedding and rookies?
Chiu owns a great talent, that’s why I would expect something over usual boundaries.


I agree with Charles Lee, Rob’s is starting to define his own style, which is part of growing as an artist.

This piece is far from “imo.” I’ll tell you what’s become repetitive is, knocking Rob or even Chris for their “glitch & flickering” effects. Rather then stating the obvious, look more in depth of the work and grasp the concepts, and then maybe you’ll understand why the certain piece was created that way.


Putting physically words over a beach because the festival is called “Flash on the beach” is doing a step further?
Trying to sell the idea of interactivity allowed by flash software with letters that fall is that linkable with a fast direct deliverable concept?
Glitch&flickering and time remap isn’t 5-6 years old on the mograph scene ?
I’m not stating the obvious especially ’cause mine is the only voice out of the chorus. I’m trying to grasp on the bottom of a piece that is considered a work of art.
That said i want to repeat myself stating Chiu remains a great director.


i think rob chiu is doing a step in the right direction. the aesthetic is a lot more subtle, elegant, and of course, photographic.

a lot of glitchy work – which i love – is a “shortcut” to mask a badly shot piece of footage. it’s not always the case though, i won’t extrapolate on this.

that said, it’s clear rob chiu is having a gander exploring photography. i think this spot is great overall, but needs work on the editing and variety of shots – a lot of it was just back and forth mistakes masked as transitions.

nice! :)


I found he is just using the same “language” that he has used before just imho with better photo or grading dont know.
just a viewer opinion

by the way: are the letters 3D or is it AE. cause i find the last shot “flash on the beach” extremely well animated i keep thinking is real.

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