Passion Pictures/Pete Candeland for Rock Band 2

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Building on their previous success working with Passion Pictures’ Pete Candeland, Harmonix invited the director to helm the trailer for Rock Band 2, which takes the concept of the original Rock Band trailer and cranks it up to 11.

The underlying idea for both trailers is similar to Shynola’s Queens of the Stone Age video for “Go With the Flow” from way back in 2003 (which was in itself channeling Mad Max from the 1980s). There’s just something undeniably awesome about rocking out in the desert while perched atop a shitty vehicle. But Candeland brought his own directorial vision to the project and essentially created two mini-narratives for Harmonix, something he probably learned to do while working extensively with Gorillaz.

Title: Rock Band II Cinematic
Length:  1 x 90″ and 1 x 20″ Teaser
Format: 1280 x 720, 720p, 29.97 fps
Client: Harmonix Music
Product:  Rock Band II
Art Director Ryan Lesser, Pete Maguire
Producer: Anna Lord
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands

Storyboard and Design: Pete Candeland, Alberto Mielgo
Writers: Pete Candeland, Lee Gingold, Giles Dill
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Animation: ly
Lead Character Modelling: Mario Ucci
Character Modelling: Cesar Eiji Nunes
Rigging: Chris Dawson
Prop Modelling: Ian Brown, Simon Reeves, Raymond Slattery
Senior 3D Artists Nuno Conceicao, Harry Bardak
3D Artists: Tommy Andersson, Claire Michaud, Quentin Vien, Simon Reeves
VFX Artists: Alex Doss, Jamie Franks, Sajjad Amjad, Haavard Ness, Giles Dill
Render Wrangler: Michael Sofoluke
Lead Compositor: Niamh Lines
Compositing David Lea, Luke Carpenter, John Taylor, Lee Gingold, Kristian Hammerstad, John Williams
TDs: Julian Hodgson, Alan Jones
Matte Painting: Max Dennison
Facial motion capture: Image Metrics
Motion capture: Audiomotion Studios Ltd, UK
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Animators: Lina Kouznetsova, Vincent Aupetit, Guillaume Glachant, Donny Mahmood

Actors: Ben Davies, Fathia Tidadini, Scott Vining, Gary Comber
Software used:  Xsi, Modo, Motor, After FX v7, Final Cut Pro
Editors:  Lee Gingold, Daniel Greenway, Jaime Rubio, Tim King, Klaus Heinecke
Colourist: Mick Vincent on Baselight at The Mill, London
Music: “Hello There” Cheap Trick
Game release date: TBC

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Nice work, well done [textures are Superb, composition as well]!
But I do not like video games.
Tetris is only game I ever enjoyed.


sup with that flipping tile in the silhouette at the end…


that was only slightly ridiculous

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