Vincent Chai: World War

Vincent Chai’s “World War” is an ambitious 3D short film created for his degree in 3D animation at the University Of Hertfordshire.

Vicent Chai’s site | More work from the University Of Hertfordshire

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don’t get me wrong.. it is well done and everything, but i really don’t see why a site like motionographer showcased this film. it doesn’t seem relevant at all. there is sometimes some cool standard 3d stuff that is great to see here because it’s got some awesome concept going on, or the storytelling is extra good or pushing the boundaries. but there is nothing like that on this film; there is nothing out of the ordinary.
vincent: nothing against you, you’ve got some talent man. it is just that i think this should be on cgtalk or some forum like that, and not here. i generally come here to see something new, fresh and innovative, but not to see only polished work.

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