Zeitguised: Peripetics

Every once in a while we get a chance to post something unique, outside of the commercial realm; and this stunning six-act piece by London-based Zeitguised is exactly that.

Commisioned by Zirkel Gallery for its forthcoming opening, “Peripetics” is a superb piece of CGI Art, from the consistent color palettes to the amazing lighting and texturing, everything flows seamlessly, and the spot-on audio design brings it to perfection.

What I love most about this project is its blend of surrealism and architecture, kind of a Dali meets Calatrava in motion.

The folks at Zeitguised were kind enough to provide us with some inside info on the piece. Here’s what they had to say:

Zirkel Gallery commissioned us to do a piece for their upcoming opening, and from the start we wanted to make something that felt fresh and new to us. We had about a hundred and three ideas, so we had a lot of filtering to do…

The difficulty of independent projects is always how to limit onesself, and not do everything and destroy the piece. We were constantly reshuffling our thoughts about it. The project had been in our heads for about two years, but it wasn’t until Zirkel Gallery approached us that we decided to do it.

The concept changed drastically over time, and about two months ago each and every scene was thrown out the window again, but a few elements made it back. Finally, we had a quiet summer, and we pressed ahead with some intense meditation over each scene after they were done. In the end, we had to do each scene at least twice, we went from 11 to 6 scenes, and about two thirds of the film were conceptualized during the production phase, fell into our lap so to say.

What may sound like a nightmare was actually a quite satisfying process, very calm and steady, and we felt we really purged our system of some unnecessary distractions. Rendertimes were a bit of a nightmare, but that gave us time to rethink everything everytime a scene was “finished.”

Sounds like it was quite a challenging but fun process. Make sure to check the rest of Zeitguised’s body of work, some really interesting stuff in there.

Watch “Peripetics”

Client: Zirkel Gallery

Design / Direction: Zeitguised

Audio design: Michael Fakesch