Freestlye Collective: Fusion Fall Cinematic

I caught a sneak peek of Freestyle Collective’s action-packed cinematic for Cartoon Network’s forthcoming Fusion Fall game a few months ago, and I’ve been waiting for the chance to share it ever since.

The camera work and pacing are full of adrenaline that moves in lock-step with the soundtrack. Like the game itself, the promo is a mix of cuteness and ass-kicking—a tricky balance to master.

There’s also a great sense of place in the spot. Each location feels deep and fully realized.

Thanks to Tyquane Wright for the tip!

Client: Cartoon Network New Media
Cartoon Network Creative Director: Sean Akins
Cartoon Network Head of Production: Nathania Seales

Production Company: Freestyle Collective
Creative Director: Victor Newman
Director: Nicholas Weigel
CG Director: Entae Kim
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Matte Painters: Andres Rivera, Erik Fokkens, Sookyoung Choi
3D Animators: Nicholas Weigel, Entae Kim, Cedrick Gousse, Dylan Maxwell, Ian Brauner, Richardo Vicens, Stanislav Ilin, Jedidiah Mitchell, Christina Sidoti
3D Artists: Roger An, Russell Paul, Steven Kellam, Andres Rivera, Jim Collins, Patricia Heard-Greene, Steve Dahler, Zeth Willie, David Lobser
Lighting/Compositing: Joshua Harvey, Eric Concepcion, Ylli Orana
Flame Artist (Guava Visual Effects): Aron Baxter
Executive Producer: Linda Powledge
Producer: Javier Gonzalez


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The trailer is cute… I like enjoyed watching how the 2d cartoons transformed into 3d. Very cool…


Love that my boys in Mastodon are in the soundtrack.
Go Rochester ;)


Sheer awesomeness. So many amazing little details, like the spit on the camera.


seems camera move is the way to go…
this is excellent stuff

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