Laikabase holt auf

Berlin’s Laikabase does a good deed for One.



Well done my dear frrrriend Lars (Deutsche speaking style). Good to see you around here. with some good stuff it’s even better!
See you soon? Maybe…


Would have liked it a lot more without the static texture overlay.


Nice one!


very very good jobbba!!! (gabriel speaking style;-))))


Hey this is becoming a chat room with all my german friends…What’s up Uwe?
Just so we don’t go too much off topic, i was talking with Lars (the author of this animation) and was asking him about this job. So here are some details about it:
– One man job (from concetp to end)
– About 4 weeks of production
– 3D all done in C4D (my favorite)

Wanna add something else Lars?

Lars Jandel

Hey Guys!
Thanks for your comments ;)
Okay, Gabriel – we better watch out, this not to become a chat room. There are other options… :P

Just because you are exaggerating:
– There was the production company ElementarFilm doing the project managing, taking care about the narrator, music and sound design, talking to the client etc.
– 1 week of concepting, 2 weeks of executing the animation – for me not beeing a hardcore 3D guy, not having a render farm, dealing with timing changes because the narration was recorded in the middle of the creation… ;)
– C4D: oh yeah
– Having fun!

Take care my dear friends!


hi guys my name is giuseppe, first time for me in this chat room…
i’d rather use messenger, but there’s nice people ’round here!

nice one lars!

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