Lifelong Friendship Society: Own Your C

The Own Your C project first came to my attention when we posted Buck’s beautiful “C-Tree” short in October of ’07. Denver-based agency Cactus is the mastermind behind the enigmatic anti-smoking campaign, and since working with Buck, they’ve added other spots to the multi-platform push.

The latest in the series are five kooky spots from Lifelong Friendship Society. Keeping with LFS’s lo-fi hipster aesthetics, each spot communicates the concepts of sharing, influencing and connecting, ending with a drive to the Own Your C website.

LFS’s playful approach to their work is a great fit for Own Your C’s target audience of adolescents and early 20-somethings, and these mini-narratives create just the right level of “wtf” to catch their attention. Each spot feels like something ejected from the subconscious minds of Sesame Street’s creators.


Client: Own Your C
Spot Title(s): Plugging In, Sun Moon, Refreshing, Wireless Theater, Species
Airdate: November 2008

Agency: Cactus
Art Director: Chris Cox
Copywriter: Lee Perlman
Agency Producer: Danielle Bryan

Production/Post (Color Correct/Visual Effects): Lifelong Friendship Society
Director/Designer/Composer: Brian Close
Designer: Travis Spangler
Animator(s): Alex Miller, Mark Phillips, Tim Haldeen
Editor: Amilcar Gomes
Props/Costume: Pastor Alvarado
Music/ Sound Design: Ant Food (Sun Moon)
EP: Dan Sormani
Producer: Bridgette Spalding

Shoot Location: Upstate NY