Blind : Oppenheimer Funds

A couple of months ago the first spot Blind completed, in a series of three for Oppenheimer Funds, was posted as a Quickie. They recently completed all three and they are in deservingly need of a thorough viewing.

It all began as a fairly large pitch last December. Now a year and thousands of hours of labor later, we can feast our eyes these VFX/GFX heavy spots where the stock market pages of the Wall Street Journal come to life. According to Chris Do, this is definitely the most ambitious project Blind has tackled. Directed by Erik Buth, and with the help of Nathan Love on the VFX, the task at hand was extremely challenging. 

“The team did a great job,” says Erik, “maintaining a sense of dimension and space while applying a moving typographical treatment to the talent so they could live and breath in our 3D environment.  While this may sound simple, the task of maintaining a sense of personality and a fidelity in the actors’ performances was uniquely challenging.”